How To Make A Perfect Influencer Media Kit

How To Make A Perfect Influencer Media Kit

Your instagram is growing, you have lots of followers but you don’t know how to get collaborations and get paid on Instagram?

Here are my top tips&tricks on how to build your social media kit, which is so important for your Instagram business.

What is an Influencer Media Kit?

A media kit (or press kit) is a promotional document that includes information about a brand, company or even a person which is passed around for press (or promotional) purposes.

It is used primarily to make money or monetize your social media pages. Today, you can see a quite number of bloggers and influencers that are using a promotional social media kit to showcase their followers, reach, fans and other relevant stats on their websites.

       1. Use a good design

Focus on design because is a relevant reflection of your brand. I recommend you to use CANVA because it has great design elements, that it will be useful to create your own professional media kit.

Try also to keep it simple, because clients are very busy and don’t have a lot of time to spend on your media kit. Remember that is similar to a cv, so try to keep it no more than 3 pages. Keep also a page for a nice cover.

Cluttered example:%Social Media Specialist%SHEISLENNE


      2. Talk about your Audience

Your audience is so important for your clients. They have to know what are the countries where your followers come from, for example “80% from US or France” could be very relevant for you to get collaborations with brands that are interested in influencers that have large audiences in certain states. Age and engagement rate are also two factors that many clients can evaluate before choosing to invest in an influencer. So make sure to let them know before they will ask for it 😀.

Cluttered example:

%Social Media Specialist%SHEISLENNE


       3. Have a focus on your Analytics

If you have a blog or an Instagram/TikTok account, you should insert in your media kit your reach stats. For example “number of monthly views” or “Profile visits”(in case of Instagram analytics).


        4. Past collaborations

It’s very important also to talk about your past collaborations and to mention your services. Least, you should include also a list of rates but try to not focus on it. It should be the last thing to talk about it with your client. It’s important to be detailed in telling brands exactly what you can do for them to show that you understand what they need.

Cluttered example:

%Social Media Specialist%SHEISLENNE





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How To Create Amazing Instagram Stories

How To Create Amazing Instagram Stories

Are you sick and tired of making boring InstaStories and want to learn how to create Instagram stories that stand out from the crowd?

With all the algorithm changes and posts not showing up in people’s feeds, Instagram Stories are the only place where your followers can, actually, see you!

I’ve created for you a Pinterest Board where I saved a lot of them and can be a great inspiration for you —> Instagram Stories ❤️




Get creative by using Instagram features !!

Now you can add GIFs, engage with your followers through polls, questions and so much more!

Here are some of my favourite InstaStory hacks:

  • to change your photo to a solid colour just go to brush tool > pick the colour you want > click the screen and hold it (if you want the colour to be able to still see your photo just pick 2nd brush)
  • after you’ve put the solid colour you can pick the eraser pen and write or draw something (to have a part of your original photo shown)
  • if you have an iPhone you can copy pictures from your gallery and paste them into Instagram Story (this can be great if you want to add multiple pictures but don’t want to download an app)



I actually use some amazing apps that help me create amazing stories. My favourite apps are:

  • Unfold
  • Insta Story
  • Mojo : this one is the better option. Is not free but it does all the job.
  • StoryLab




You could also play a lot with your creativity, using Canva, Photoshop and Picsart.

These apps are awesome for editing and retouching but have so many options that you could use to create amazing insta stories.

I’ve made a Pinterest Board with PicsArt and VSCO tutorials that you could check to get some inspiration in that head !

Now is your turn! Write a comment down below and tell me your favourite tips and tricks!

How do you create your InstaStories? What are your favourite apps? ❤️


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