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MFW- Street Style To Shop Before Everyone Else

MFW- Street Style To Shop Before Everyone Else

%Social Media Specialist%SHEISLENNE %Social Media Specialist%SHEISLENNE %Social Media Specialist%SHEISLENNE

MFW is right here and we girls want to look like the supermodels we see on the runways ! So why not to dress like these beautiful and perfect girls ?

I love to be *extra* with my looks and to choose always different outfits and I never ever choose easy&peasy looks. Cuz I love to be different from everyone else!

As you know I’m a girl who loves sneakers or boots and love to style them with long dresses, but for the first day of MFW I wanted to APPEAR!


In collaboration with LuxeFusion I choosed the Coco Elastic Knit Black & White Socks Boots

%Social Media Specialist%SHEISLENNE

If you’re thinking that high heels doesn’t work for you, trust me these boots are so fashion but also soo comfy!!! Just trust me ๐Ÿ™‚


%Social Media Specialist%SHEISLENNE

Those sleeves are so amazing and they are just perfect for MFW20 as they’ve been proposed by many designers.

I was crazy leaving my house to photoshoot this outfit just with little jacket, because here in Milan the temperatures were a bit cold these days, but it was so worthy! All in name of fashion LOL 😝


%Social Media Specialist%SHEISLENNE

I fell in love with these Leather High Waist Ruched Asymetrical Pants that I could not be able to not wear them in this first day of MFW. This combination is just the right combo I was looking for!

Let me say I was perfect for the day!

Hope you love this look!









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