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How I’m Making $500 Money Blogging

Make money blogging

Everyone wants to know how to make money blogging. The idea that you can earn a living working from home (or while travelling the world!) running a blog is both a dream for some and a reality for others, including myself!

Who doesn’t want to finally start a job that you will love, writing about your passions and dreams to others and still make money?

If you want to know how to earn money from a blog, it’s easy if you learn the formula of a money-making blog. Once you put the effort in and set up all the different avenues of income for your blog, you’ll start seeing results fast!

Scroll down to read my story and to understand how you can make the same!

%Social Media Specialist%SHEISLENNE

Modeling has been my part-time job for several years. After my graduation, I decided to do more and I’ve found how much I was passionate about digital, writing, blogging and social media.

It clicked in me that I had to make a big change if I wanted to make things better, so I decided to take the focus of my blog and social media from 50% to 100%. Blogging was the only thing that made me happy and I wanted it to be my everything, my job, my life.

So I did.

I started to get a lot of information online on how you can make money blogging and I tried to put all I’ve learned in practice.

No matter what type of blog you have, whether fashion, beauty, lifestyle or parenting, if you focus on making it (and your social media accounts) a success and follow all the strategies mentioned below, you have a very good chance of earning enough money to make blogging your job. It’s all up to you!

How To Make Money Blogging

To make money blogging, of course you’re going to need to start a blog! It is important to start a WordPress blog so you can start with a domain (www.yourblogname.com) and monetize it in all the best ways.

To open and run an online store, whether now or in the future, you need to be using WordPress. To gain email newsletter subscribers with special pop ups and sign up forms, you’ll need to use WordPress plugins.


  • A domain 
  • A niche (fashion, beauty, parenting, lifestyle blog)
  • A beautiful WordPress Theme
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Marketing

Below you can find a draft for your blog that you could use to start your blog.

You can periodically update it with your ideas on how to improve your blog posts or change your actual theme.

You can also add some new strategies on how to improve your blog by understanding more about social media marketing.

%Social Media Specialist%SHEISLENNE

It is very important also to ensure that your blog gonna be self-hosted. In case you began with WordPress.com you need to make the transition to WordPress.org.

It is more professional and this is the first step to make to begin make money blogging.



Well, it depends on how much effort you put in your content, marketing and branding.



Obviously it requires some time. You won’t get rich after just a night blogging. You need to put a lot of effort by improving the content you are sharing with the people who follows you.

You need that to get visibility and awareness! Then you will start monetizing your blog or social media. HERE YOU CAN FIND A LOT OF TIPS ON HOW TO GROW YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA!!



First of all start to question yourself what are the ways you can focus on to monetize your blog.

  • What products my readers are interested in?
  • Where and how can I promote these products?
  • Which social media platforms I can focus on?

The answers could be the following:

    • If my readers are interested in beauty products, I can search for some affiliate sites. I can sell their products and earn a commission on each sale. One of these is RewardStyle, Awin, Amazon Associates, Avant Link,ShareASale. You could also promote these products by making swipe up stories on your Instagram directly to your blog post!
    • You can also work with small stores that are approaching to the digital world, by making a blog post on their products and/or promoting them on your social media platforms.
    • You could start a Youtube channel and make videos on products/clothes/dyi or everything that belongs to your niche.
%Social Media Specialist%SHEISLENNE

ways to make money blogging

Here are 3 categories you should focus on to finally start monetizing your blog: Advertising, AFFILIATE MARKETING AND PRODUCTS OR SERVICES.

You will find most bloggers aim to focus intently on at least one of these, although if you are striving to blog full time, I highly recommend focusing on all three.


This category includes placing ads on your blog and social media in different pages or areas. Focus on this catgory if you’re getting a decent amount of unique visitors on your blog.

These are the most popular advertising platforms that I personally use:

%Social Media Specialist%SHEISLENNE



You can also sell a place for advertisers. For example, you could place a button or a place in your sidebar and attract advertisers to place their products directly on your blog.

%Social Media Specialist%SHEISLENNE

You can also make sponsorizations on your blog. you could write an article about a product/service of a business and make an agreement to them.

For example you can make a blog post for them in exchange of free products monthly or by paying.


You can also work with brands that are interested in selling their products on Instagram/Facebook/TikTok. They usually look for influencers that have a good Engagement Rate. CLICK HERE TO DISCOVER YOUR ENAGEGEMENT RATE !

 The most popular form of social media for brands to promote their products is through Instagram posts. You will see posts from influencers all the time where they’ve written “#collab” or “#ad” in the caption – that is a paid social media post.

Down below you can see and example of sponsored post I did a month ago for a hoodie.

%Social Media Specialist%SHEISLENNE


Affiliate marketing is where you promote someone else’s products or services with a unique tracking link. You use the link you’ve been given to send traffic to certain products/services. If someone clicks through your tracking link and buys the product, you will earn a small percentage of commission from that sale.

Some Affiliate Programs are:

How can you include the affiliate in your blog?

  • Placing links throughout your blog post writing, linking to products or stores
  • Adding a product widget to your blog post, in the middle or towards the end of the post. The products you add to this widget could be items you mentioned in the post or products shown in your photos.
  • Create a carrousel in your blog, in the sidebar where you can place the affiliate products.
  • Pin images of products or outfits to Pinterest (photos you’ve taken yourself work best), linking that pin to an affiliate link of the product in the photo, or to a similar product (make sure it’s in stock so people can buy it!).
  • Use affiliate links in your email newsletters.
  • Create a ‘Recommendations’ page on your blog, linking to your affiliate partners.



You could also be interested in selling digital products to your readers.

If you have a WordPress blog and a Woocommerce-ready blog theme, you can install the Woocommerce plugin and open a store right from your own blog! Alternatively, you can sell digital products on:

You could also include a page where you promote your shop and add some services you could offer:

Web Design / Branding For those talented, creative designers out there, many businesses require your services. If you are able to design websites, blogs, or if you have a knack for branding, these services are in demand, so you can sell them at quite a high price.

Social Media It is so important for brands and businesses to have a social media presence these days, and many just don’t know how to make it happen. If you have built your own following and know how you can do it for someone else, you can work as a freelance Social Media Manager.


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