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Earn More Money With The Affiliate Programs

Earn money online

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In the past months, I’ve been doing a lot of research on how can I monetize even more my fashion blog and I discovered the AFFILIATE MARKETING.

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative way to monetize your blog, by promoting product of companies you are already talking about in your blog.

Once you take to decision to start affiliate marketing you should understand which kind of products you can promote.

This depends on which kind of blog do you have: Fashion, Lifestyle, Home Decoration, Beauty, Makeup or other.

Best Fashion Affiliate Programs For Fashion Bloggers

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How Do You Join Fashion Affiliate Programs?

It’s simple. You may follow these steps:

  • Have a Blog – Here you can check how
  • Create an affiliate account on the following links
  • Click and sign up the program

You can start monetize your blog with affiliate programs even if you don’t have a big audience! So if you are a newbie into blogging, don’t worry!

Some tips to get approved into affiliate programs:

  • Your website need to be live and have some pages of content
  • Create a social media kit where you can indicate your services
  • Indicate your best stats (page views, followers, audience, country audience)

Best Affiliate Programs For Fashion Bloggers (with high commissions)

  1. RewardStyle

RewardStyle is an affiliate network. In practice is a group of affiliate programs.

It is one of the most difficult affiliate network’s to become a part of but because of that it’s a platform that many bloggers wish to get into.

You can enter only by invitation.

Their network offers commissions much higher than most other affiliate programs in the fashion niche.

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This is how it looks a RewardStyle Product Page

  1. ShopStyleCollective

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ShopStyleCollective is a very easy affiliate program. You do not need to get approved, you only need a proper website and you can already start!

Shopstyle Collective is also one of very few affiliate networks that pay out commissions per click. So, you don’t have to complete a sale to get your commission: you just need clicks.


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This is your homepage

  1. Zaful

Zaful is one my favourite affiliate programs because it has very high commissions 15-20 on sale) and the cookie lenght is about 60 days.

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This is Zaful affiliate homepage

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Code Available: “MASK” 15% OFF

  1. Newchic

Newchic offers its affiliates a commission rate of 10 -16% on every sale, with a cookie length of 60 days on their links. This means that the links can stay on your blog for 60 days before expiring.

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This is how it looks your Newchic Affiliate Homepage

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  1. FashionMia

With a cookie length of 90 days, Fashionmia sets a very long duration for its shopping links to expire.

They also pay up with a commission rate of 15%, which is a great incentive for affiliate marketers to join them.

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Time for some shopping?

Please note that this feature contains affiliate links.

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